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Nan Fuchs

BFJ-board_1-captionNan Fuchs is busy writing her monthly national newsletter, Women’s Health Letter. She is involved with projects that provide food from a community garden she co-founded, and financial support, for low-income seniors.. She’s interested in projects with a strong focus and leadership.

Greg Young

Greg Young is an entrepreneur philanthropist. Those are big words for a guy who became successful marching to the beat of his own drum. Greg came to us with an offer to do anything he could to help BFJ and projects he connects with. We put him in touch with the Ceres Project and Greg dug in.  He helped boost them to another level and continues to be involved with them, and is now looking for another project to support.

Sharon Bard

Sharon Bard interviewed Wayne Muller on an NPR radio program in 1999 and quickly in fell in love with Bread for the Journey. She then co-produced a CD of stories about generosity, joined the Sonoma County Board and served on the BFJ’s International Board. She is a writer and loves traveling, yoga, cycling, composting and musical improvisation.

Toni Winter

Toni Winter works part time as an RN. She has lived in Sonoma County for most of her adult life, and loves the concept of plowing money back into our community through neighborhood philanthropy. She is particularly interested in BFJ projects that support the arts, children, immigrants, and the elderly.

Carin Lawrence

Carin Lawrence has lived in Sonoma County for nearly 30 years and has two decades experience working in the local non-profit sector.   In 2012, she launched her own business providing consulting services to non-profit organizations throughout Northern California.  Carin joined the BFJ board with the goal of supporting local non-profits and projects that strengthen our community.

Pat Kuta

When not in her garden or planning her next trip, Pat volunteers with local non profits working for social justice and women’s issues. She is a retired public health program administrator and makes a mean pasta sauce. San Francisco is Pat’s city of birth, but her Sonoma County roots started with her Italian immigrant grandfather who was a vineyard worker in Asti, and she has lived in the county since the 70’s.


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