Interested in a Bread for the Journey grant?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I apply for a grant? Contact us to get the ball rolling. Initially, we’ll want to know your basic idea, how your project will benefit the community, and any experience you have that prepares you for what you want to do.

Do you give seed grants exclusively, or can existing organizations apply too? Generally speaking, we’re trying to help out in the beginning when people usually need the most help. But we anticipate exceptions to this approach if, for example, a group is adding a new type of project to what it already does. The majority of our grants will be one time only, but a good overall principle to keep in mind is, when in doubt, check it out!

 Can I apply for more than one grant, for example one each year? For the reasons listed in the previous paragraph, in general the answer is no. But there will certainly be exceptions, so don’t consider the case closed every time.

Which kinds of projects are you looking to fund? Lots of different ones. We have project ideas regarding poverty, health, arts, education, youth and the environment. Maybe your idea falls within those categories, maybe not. Regardless, get in touch!

Is there a minimum and/or maximum amount for a grant? A typical grant is between $500 and $2000.

 Do you give grants to individuals? Depends on what the individual is going to do with the money. If an individual wants materials for her work with pregnant teens, that’s perfect for a BFJ grant. If an individual has fallen on hard times and wants help paying the month’s heating bill, that falls outside our mission. In general we want to support individuals or groups who are working to contribute to the wider community.

How do I account for what I’m doing with the money you’ve granted me? Our approach to accountability is based more on frequent contact than on formal reports. We see a grant as the beginning of a mutual, fruitful relationship. Accountability is a natural product of that connection.

 What can you do for me or my group besides give money? We may know someone who can help guide you. We may know someone who could give you money if we’re not in a position to do so.  We have all sorts of experiences that might help smooth or straighten your path to success.

What can I do for you? You can help us continue to help others by spreading the word about our grassroots organization.  Every grant we give can be an inspiration for the next grantee or donor.  At Bread for the Journey we believe that our community is healed by everyone’s unique gifts, and that everyone has something to offer, such as money, contacts, inspiration, commitment or caring.  We love to support local projects and continued visibility allows us to so.  Thank you!

Where can I find more information? Try, the Web site for our national organization. It lists BFJ’s history, core principles and more, and there are links to other local chapters so you can see the variety of projects BFJ has sponsored. Please be in touch!