A Safe Place for Refugee Kids

30 May, 2017

The Schoolbox Project is a Sebastopol based 501(c)3 organization that provides mobile, trauma informed education, art and play to children in refugee camps throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our volunteers come from around the world to go through our specialized training on how to work with children who have been through trauma and are living in a camp environment.  Children in our programs are never excluded or punished for difficult behavior or for disabilities. They are instead given 1:1 support at school and at home (tent, sidewalk squat, wherever is “home”) to promote full inclusion and healing, while also avoiding retraumatization. As a committed member of on the ground protection team efforts, we train our volunteers to be watchdogs for vulnerable children and unaccompanied minors that may otherwise slip through the cracks. The Schoolbox Project operates out of converted shipping containers that can be solar powered and can be set up or relocated in just one day.

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With a $2000 grant from Bread for the Journey, The Schoolbox Project will not only be able to provide 25 students  with fully stocked, school-ready backpacks, but will also be able to purchase fresh business and marketing materials that will invite and support new partnership and funding opportunities .